ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium 2014 is set for June 10th – 11th near Chicago

ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium 2014, set for June 10th– 11th near Chicago, is designed to bring together professionals working with SharePoint in their firms or law departments.  The format of the two-day event includes a SharePoint evangelist keynote, two tracks with expert speakers and ILTA case studies as well as opportunities to network with ILTA members and key SharePoint vendors.

I’ve been involved with helping produce the event for a couple of years now, and I can tell you that it is an excellent place to hear about fresh, innovative ideas about all things SharePoint in the legal industry.

Visit the event website at for all the details, and let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I hope to see you at the event!

Free ILTA Webinar: Future-Proofing your SharePoint Strategy – August 9, 2012

Future-Proofing Your SharePoint Strategy  

Join the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) for this free webinar on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. GMT / 12:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. CST /10:00 a.m. MST / 9:00 a.m. PST.

Having an effective SharePoint strategy is essential to getting the full value out of your platform investment. But how do you create an effective strategy, and where do you start? SharePoint is a continually evolving platform, so once you have a strategy, how do you ensure it will be successful over time? Join Richard Harbridge as he discusses the importance of effective SharePoint strategies and outlines real-world best practices in the legal industry.

Richard Harbridge is an internationally recognized expert in Microsoft SharePoint and is a technology and business evangelist with deep expertise in information architecture, enterprise content management and technology strategy. He has successfully defined, architected, developed and implemented well over one hundred SharePoint solutions, including small implementations on a single server to over 80,000-user implementations in international organizations.

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Questions?  Please contact Kristy Costello at 512.795.4674 or

Social Networking in the Legal Industry – ILTA Conference Coverage

Here is a continuation of my ILTA Conference coverage.  ILTA information followed by my brief notes.  Please forgive the typos (I’m typing away quickly just to get the thoughts down on “paper.

From ILTA:

Social Networking in the Legal Industry
Description: Law firms, like virtually every other business today, are discovering the benefits of social networking collaboration. Learn about the use of collaborative tools such as wikis, blogs and discussion forums, and networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Date/Time:     Monday 8/22/2011 at 1:00 p.m.
Location:     Canal C

  • David Hobbie – Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Beau Mersereau – Fish & Richardson P.C.
  • Katrina Dittmer – Baker & Daniels

My Notes:

This was a standing room only crowd.  They actually had to bring in more chairs and there were still people sitting on the floor.  This session covers non- Read more

Is Google Getting Closer to Offering a Viable Knowledge Management Tool?

Google announced this morning Cloud Connect for the Google Search Appliance (GSA).  The Search Appliance has been around for years, but Google has had difficulty getting law firm adoption.  The latest version, however, offers some additional benefits that might make it more attractive to all types of businesses, including law firms.

The Cloud, Ground, and Social Search.

Google says that GSA now displays search results from “Google Docs and Google Sites alongside results from more traditional repositories, like file shares and content management systems.”  In addition, one search can show results from blogs, and social media sites, like Twitter.

Who We Know.

Equally important — especially to law firms — is the new People Search feature, “which makes it easy to find experts and contact coworkers.”  Search results for coworkers are included in response to queries.  The announcement indicates that the GSA can index personnel information and includes an LDAP connector, which should make things easier to set up.  The ability to index popular client relationship management (CRM) applications, like InterAction, is unclear.

Important Extras.

Finally, the new GSA includes Dynamic Navigation and SharePoint 2010 support.  Dynamic Navigation “allows users to drill down into search results based on search modifiers for their queries.”  This sort of feature is nothing new;  most of the search tools used by many law firms use it, but is an important addition to GSA nonetheless.   Narrowing search results — rather than executing a new search — is one of the fastest ways to get the information you need.  Google did not elaborate on SharePoint integration, except to say that it supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010 “content without the need for additional connectors.”  Going forward, tight SharePoint integration will be absolutely necessary given the increasing rate of adoption at law firms.

What are your thoughts?  Will the new version of GSA prompt more law form adoption?

Knowledge Management, Technology & Social Media for Lawyers and Law Firms

Enterprise Content Management (from ILTA) | Knowledge Management

ILTA – August 26, 2008 11:00 am

These are my notes from the program.  [Since I am taking paper-free notes and because there is free Wi-Fi here, I thought that I’d add the notes to the blog.  Disclaimer: my notes are rough, so forgive the typos.]

From ILTA:

Title: Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Description: ECM combines hardware, software, infrastructure and process enabling an organization to store, manage and access information generated throughout the organization, without regard to its form or source.  How do intranets, portals and SharePoint aid in these efforts?  Learn strategies firms can use to enhance relevance and usability of these tools so attorneys and other timekeepers develop trust in the information produced, and how firms can use these tools to get the right information to the right people at the right time for better business decisions and more effective client service.
Speaker(s): James Tuvell – Fox Rothschild LLP
Catherine Monte – Fox Rothschild LLP
Ellen Duff – Winston & Strawn LLP
Shy Alter – ii3

Learning Objectives: Identify the concepts behind enterprise content management
Learn how your portal, intranets or sharepoint can aid in ECM.
Learn quick development techniques to get started or push ECM further in your organization.

LawyerKM’s Notes:

  • Shy started out with some video interviews from some folks at Osler about: “what is content management?”
    • a process
    • driven by strategic plans
    • a publishing process
    • an element of KM
    • key – right content to the right people at the right time
  • Why are people focusing on CM now?  (videos continued)
    • it is an up and coming concept the way KM was 10 years ago.
    • there is a difference between CM and enterprise content management (ECM)
  • enables content re-use [how to distinguish from goals of KM?] (videos)
    • 2 sides – legal and admin
    • desire for integration with CRM and content management
    • bigger paradigm is to create content without knowing in which medium it will be published.
  • Self publishing a cornerstone to content lifecycle efficiency (videos)
    • anyone in the organization can publish
    • goal is for the lawyer to do this to eliminate the middle layer
    • this shouldn’t be a problem with younger lawyers because they are familiar with the process and ideas
    • not a replacement for a publishing process
    • ease of the use of tools is important
    • making technology transparent is important
  • CM & KM (videos)
    • Cm is an element of KM but KM needs to understand the business process
    • is this a redefinition of KM?
    • CM system enables KM
  • Case Study – Fox Rothschild – Lessons Learned using SharePoint
    • KM services has 15 people (Library, research, risk mitigation, training & development, Competitive Intelligence, portal)
    • Definng ECM – collect, synthesize and redistribute relevant information
    • ECM =  CM + IM + KM
    • all about efficiency
    • users need trust in the systems
    • Efficiency – reduce redundant data entry, end user search time, time to filter through, confusion about where to go for information.
    • Info Audit can be helpful
    • Taxonomy – try to standardize fields, etc. across systems
    • Systems: Elite, DM5, HR systems, etc.  (recently bought ContactNet)
    • SharePoint – goal – one-stop shop for all information
    • Trust – how to get users to trust the system?
      • relevance – info must be relevant to the individual
      • usability – easy and quick
      • timeliness – info current
      • accuracy – info must be right
      • reliability
    • Tour of FoxNet – the firm’s intranet (mostly out of the box, but is using Handshake for some things)
      • Relevance – content centricity (matter and other centricity)
      • department / practice centric
        • precedent/form library – someone within the group should be the gatekeeper
        • SP pages are dynamic
      • client centricity (uses Handshake)

Sorry about the cut off notes – lost my internet connection midway through the presentation.

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Microsoft Enterprise Search: Extending SharePoint for Advanced Search Solutions | Knowledge Management

KM World put on a nice webinar called Microsoft Enterprise Search: Extending SharePoint for Advanced Search Solutions.  It is archived for about 90 days, so check it out.  (Sorry no notes on this one).

Also, here is an interesting press release from CMS Watch called SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus NotesI would love to hear what everyone thinks about it. 

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Knowledge Management for Law Firms :: In case you missed it… Feb 10-16, 2008

Here are some of my favorite legal knowledge management blog posts and other items from the week of February 10 – 16, 2008:

LawyerKM :: Knowledge Management & Technology for Lawyers and Law Firms