Survey on Information Professionals Use of Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management

dBusinessNews, of Denver, reportedthat LexisNexis released a report on “how Information Professionals (IPs) are adding value to their organizations through technology and knowledge management.” 

Interesting highlights:

  • 93% of librarians saying they currently use intranets for managing and distributing information
  • 39% of information professionals access Weblogs at least weekly
  • 34% of information professionals access wikis

However, “less than two in ten access video podcasts (16%), or audio podcasts (15%).”  This is surprising.   Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go and make commuting time to learn. 

Among the most successful new initiative/service that information professionals have launched in the past year: document search, retrieval, delivery, and access enhancements.  This comes as no surprise, as many law firms are still struggling with how to quickly and efficiently find internal work product.  Document management search engines, though better than they have been, are still horribly ineffective.  Solutions from providers like Recommind and Practice Technologies are gaining traction in firms, but like the wheels of justice, the wheels of change at some firms sometimes move slowly. 

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