The end of paper as we know it? | Legal Technology

Plastic Logic's electronic reading device is thin.

Plastic Logic's electronic reading device is thin.

Look out Kindle, there’s a new e-reader coming to town.  Check out TechnoEsq’s blog post on a new, up-and-coming electronic-reading device from Plastic Logic.  Unlike the Amazon Kindle and Sony E-Reader, the Plastic Logic device is aimed at business users.  About the size of a legal pad, this device shows some potential to catch on in law firms.  Check out a video of a demo of the device in action on TechnoEsq’s blog, as well.

Want one?  You’ll have to wait.  It’s scheduled to ship in the first half of 2009.   Cost?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Is this a giant leap toward the paperless office?  Probably not paperless, but perhaps less paper.

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