Lawyers with iPads: Steven Butler

Shortly after the launch of Apple’s iPad, I wondered (on Twitter) if lawyers were using them. Steven Butler (aka @DisabilityGuy) responded enthusiastically, “I have an iPad and I am already using it in my practice. Working great for reviewing client files.” Of course, I had to talk to him.

Butler is a Social Security Disability lawyer with Linarducci & Butler, PA in Delaware, and he’s clearly an early adopter when it comes to technology. Before the iPad, he tried using a tablet PC, but without a multi-touch screen, it “felt unnatural because you have to rely on a stylus.” The iPad’s stylus-free approach “feels like the right way to do things,” Butler told me, “It requires no learning curve; it’s so simple.”

A Perfect Fit

The iPad is perfect for Butler because the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides all claim files electronically, in TIFF format.  He uses an application from Atlasware to convert the huge SSA TIFF files (many are up to 1,500 pages long) into a single PDF for each matter. Before this paperless approach…

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