Experience Management – Case Studies in Tackling a Difficult Challenge

Experience Management – Case Studies in Tackling a Difficult Challenge
ILTA August 25, 2008 1:00 pm

By the way, David Hobbie is also live blogging at Caselines.

These are my notes from the program.  [Since I am taking paper-free notes and because there is free Wi-Fi here, I thought that I’d add the notes to the blog.  Disclaimer: my notes are rough, so forgive the typos.]

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Kate Cain, Stan Wasylyk, Doug Cornelius

Kate Cain – Project Manager at Winston & Strawn

  • Assess the current environment.  What is available today, what’s missing?
  • Who is currently providing the experience reporting?  Who’s asking?
  • How are they using the info?
  • Which reports are used?
  • How is the information used?
  • What are the business needs?  Let that answer drive the solution.
  • Constructing a framework – a rough draft; identify themes within the firm.
  • Validate Assumptions –

Stan Wasylyk – Foley Lardner

  • Rightness – getting the right people with the right skills working for the right clients on the right assignments
  • Goal – improve productivity
  • Use talent across the organization
  • Facilitating diversity efforts; boost morale
  • Challenges:
    • existing info resources in many different places
    • no tool to show who is available to do work (utlization indicator)
    • difficult to find people based on skills
  • Used Maven PSA (off the shelf database product)
    • mapped data about people, skills, clients, matters, etc.
    • info is organized by tabs
    • maintained skills map – rated people’s level of experience with various areas of law
  • Example of how it works
    • finds the appropriate people, determines experience level and indicates their availability.
    • application has a fielded search interface.
    • radio button show availability for next 8 weeks.
    • radio button shows skill map.
  • Lessons learned
    • hard to change lawyer behavior
    • sponsorship of senior management is key to success
    • operating layer of management – challenge to get these people involved (people, process and change management are key)

Doug Cornelius – Attorney and KM at Goodwin Procter

  • iStaff system
    • Doug walked us through GP’s iStaff system
    • shows who is available and allows assignments
    • shows pending assignments
    • everyone seems to like the system
  • Experience Search
    • uses the existing firm bios to feed the system
    • put all information on to one page: general, bio, and background.
    • works well for unique requests, but not so well for general inquires.
    • don’t yet have a rating system, like Foley

LawyerKM :: Knowledge Management & Technology for Lawyers and Law Firms

Stealth Networking | Knowledge Management

Not “stealth” as in “I don’t want you to know about it.”  More like “stealth” as in “I don’t want to bother you.”

I’ve mentioned e-mail-mining technologies, like Contact Networks, before in “Who Do We Know” and “The Zero-Percent Rule.”  Here’s a piece in KMWorld called, “Contacts and connections: an array of options” that addresses the topic.  It discusses what they’re doing over at Reed Smith.   As Tom Baldwin, Reed’s CKO states in the article, it’s important to “make use of contact information without taking any time away from our busy attorneys.”

The article has a nice description about how the systems works.  “ContactNet mines e-mail message flow to identify relationships outside the enterprise. It calculates the strength of the relationships by measuring the frequency of such messages. Users can type in the name of an individual or a company, and ContactNet brings up a list of people within the firm who have connections to the target person or organization. In addition, ContactNet provides access to a large database of public and private companies. Through that database, users can find out the standard industry code, the standing of the target individual within the company, and other information critical to understanding the context of the connection.”

Does your firm use Contact Networks or any of the similar systems, like Visible Path or BranchIT.  If so, please let us know how you like them.

LawyerKM :: Knowledge Management & Technology for Lawyers and Law Firms