Technology Gadgets for Lawyers 1-10

I had the great pleasure of hosting a presentation called Tech Gadgets: Those You Need, Those You Want and Those That Make You Wonder at the 2015 ILTA Conference in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun to research and review dozens of tech gadgets. And even better, I crowd-sourced the job and asked my fellow ILTA members to send me their recommendations for gadgets to include.  Below are the first 10 gadgets we reviewed in the session. Look for the rest of the gadgets in future posts.

There were so many great submissions that we couldn’t get through them all, so I promised to list all the gadgets in the presentation (even those we did not get to) here for easy reference. Thanks again to all those who sent in a recommendation and who attended the session. Maybe you can see yourself in this picture!  (Tech gadgets are listed right after the pic).

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Here are all the tech gadgets we covered (and the ones we didn’t get to):

  1. Intel Compute Stick. It doesn’t look like much, but this little thing is a PC on a stick, complete with WiFi, flash memory, and all the ports and expansion slots you need. Just stick it into an HDMI-ready monitor or TV, add a keyboard and mouse, and you’re good to go. Great for law firm conference rooms.
  2. ZTE Spro 2 Android Smart Projector. This is a tiny projector, but it’s bright and portable. And not only does it make you presentations look awesome, it also doubles as a mobile hotspot and a 6300 mHa back-up battery for your mobile devices.
  3. NEC NP-VE281 Mobile Projector. Not as tiny as the last projector, but brighter and still pretty small. At just over 5.1 lbs, this one works with all types of computers – not just Android devices.
  4. BelayCords. Reversible USB cords. It doesn’t matter which way you plug these things in. Why don’t all USB cords work this way?? (Also good for magic tricks – if you were at the presentation, you know what I mean).
  5. Tesla Stuff. Tesla is the coolest company since Apple (maybe cooler). They make the best cars (Consumer Reports said so – two years in a row). And don’t forget about the PowerWall home battery. Read all about Tesla’s and SolarCity’s resident genius, Elon Musk, in this new book about him: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.
  6. LiveScribe Pens and Paper. These cool pens bridge the gap from paper to digital by capturing all of your hand written notes in digital form. Special “dot paper” note pad, and even sticky notes make the experience even better.
  7. Flip Band. In the low-tech section of the presentation, we covered Flip Band. Designed to help you stick to your daily goals, these “Livestrong” style wrist bands say “Flip Me” on one side and have a check mark on the other. A constant reminder to stick to it.
  8. Daruma Doll. Also from the low-tech part of the session, and also designed to help you achieve your goals, is Daruma Doll. When you receive one, choose a goal and color in one of the eyes. Set it in a place where you’ll see it everyday. When you have accomplished your goal, color in the other eye. Well done.
  9. The Isolator. Invented circa 1925 by Hugo Gernsback, this concentration device looks like an old-fashioned scuba helmet, complete with sound-dampening innards and small eye holes, this helps you focus on the task at hand. It also has an oxygen supply so you don’t suffocate. Smart.
  10. MakerBot Replicator Mini. I’m not sure if we’ll be 3D printing stuff in law firms anytime soon, but we could, and that’s pretty cool.

The next 10 gadgets >> (Coming soon)

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