Leverage Your Other Work For Blog Posts

During some recent speaking engagements, I mentioned how lawyers can benefit from using social media, among them, blogs. Countering one common reason for resistance to blogging–“I don’t have the time”–I pointed out how to use leverage to your advantage.

The idea is simple: turn the work you already do into a blog post. Lawyers do lots of work.  They draft briefs, contracts, opinion letters, etc.  Some even try to develop business by drafting newsletters, presenting pitches, and speaking at bar association functions, trade shows, and the like.

Of course, you can’t just copy and paste a client pitch, opinion letter, or brief into a blog post.  I hope it goes without saying that you shouldn’t disclose confidential or proprietary information in a blog post. You also need to edit the content for your audience.  The bad news is that it will require a little work.  The good news is that unlike the newsletter that just goes out to the people on your mailing list, your blog audience is potentially limited only to those with web access.

You’ll also need to convert your content so that it works for the web.  This means, among other things, that you’ll need to “tighten it up.”  Make your posts short and to the point.  The web is giving us all A.D.D.  If you can’t hook your readers quickly, you’ll lose them fast.  But that is also good news.  It forces you to chop up your otherwise lengthy materials into bite-sized pieces, which in turn, means more blog posts.

You work hard.  Recycle some of that work into blog posts.  I just did.  And I intend to do it more in the near future.

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