LinkedIn Adds New Social Search Feature Called “Signal”

LinkedIn recently released a new feature, called Signal, that allows you to easily search all LinkedIn members’ Network Updates.   As LinkedIn says in its introductory video, below, this is a way to cast a professional net on the constant stream of Tweets and Updates, and use LinkedIn as a business intelligence dashboard.

On my brief review, this looks like it has potential to be very useful, and to make LinkedIn a more relevant player in the social networking universe.  The search is fast and surfaces what appears to be good content.  Just enter a search term in the “Search Updates” box above the Network Updates section:

The search results are interesting. The term “knowledge management” exposed updates (mainly via Twitter) that did not necessarily have that term in the Tweet or update.  See the image below, for example.  Only the second result from Greg Lambert has “knowledge management” in the update.  So, the search must run deeper into the source of the update.  For example, Ayelette Robinson’s Elevator Speech post that is linked in her and Greg’s updates, includes the term.  I’ll have to further explore this search function and find out the details.

Other nice features are the ability to save searches and limit them to various degrees of your LinkedIn Network, companies, industries, locations, etc.  This seems very handy.

There are other great features, as well.  For more details, check out the video below, and then go try Signal on LinkedIn.  And while you’re there, join my new LinkedIn Group “Social Media for Legal Professionals.”

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