iPad Film Screen Protector on iPad4Legal

See my review of the Power Support Crystal Film iPad screen protector over at iPad4Legal.   Here’s a preview:

I have been a fan of Power Support products ever since I got my first iPhone on Day One (that’s June 29, 2007, in case you were wondering).  To protect my precious First Generation iPhone, I picked up the Power Support Clear Air Jacket Set, which included a thin case and two screen film protectors (one crystal (i.e.,  clear) and one anti-glare).  When I upgraded my iPhone to the 3GS, I did not hesitate to buy a Clear Air Jacket Set for it, as well.  And I am a believer: the case protected my phone from the impact of a few drops, and the film protected the screen from a very nasty potential scratch that would have made you weep.  The scratch marred the film, but did not penetrate the film. When it came time to protect my iPad’s gorgeous screen, my first instinct was to go straight to Power Support…

Read the rest at iPad4Legal…

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