Call for Speakers for Knowledge Management Topics at ILTA Conference

Members of the ILTA KM Steering Committee are looking for speakers for the following sessions.  If you plan to be at conference and are interested in speaking on any of these topics, please complete the speaker application and also feel free to email us in advance with any questions you may have.  Or if you have suggestions for someone else that might be a good candidate speaker, please let us know.

DMS 2.0 – What’s New and Different? (Session will cover the debate over Taxonomy v. folksonomy/tagging (do we need to go to folksonomy?), will show examples of matter centricity 2.0 (what changes are being made in firm’s initial matter centric set-up; lessons that were learned, etc) and will focus on unique, out-of-the-box configurations of DMS’. Note: Session is on Monday

Leveraging IT Tools in KM: It’s a Win-Win. Need speakers who can discuss IT tools and skills that can be leveraged by KM to create new wins.  This session will focus on taking advantage of what you already have and will describe best practices for using enterprise IT Tools in a way that supports KM. Examples include matter dashboard concept; exposing the most usable information, using accounting datat for KM solutions around clients, matters, industry topics; and repurposing IT tools such as your DMS for KM use.  Note: Session is on Thursday

ROI: Ensuring Adoption and Effective Use of KM Tools. You’ve led the horse to water, but will he drink?  What does your firm do to ensure that KM tools are fully adopted and used properly?  A firm-wide email message announcing your new “KM solution” is not enough.  You need to make the business case, market, and sell your KM tools.  Show your attorneys “what’s in it for them.”  This session is targeted to firms that have established KM programs, but where there is an on-going struggle to make sure the KM department is visible and understood, so there is never a question of the value it is delivering.  Note: Session is on Thursday.

Weaving KM Into and Across Administrative Departments. This session is about how km can benefit any administrative department and km initiatives that span across administrative departments; the benefit that km can bring to help align cross functional intiatives, and the challenges of doing so.  Need speakers who are addressing some of these organizational issues and challenges. Note: Session is on Thursday. KM Steering Group contact, Mara Nickerson (

How KM Supports Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs).
This session will review how knowledge management provides critical support for law firms as they design, manage and offer AFAs.  In addition to more traditional methods, such as model and sample forms, matter databases, and expertise location, KM supports AFA strategies through project management, financial analysis, business intelligence, and standardized information capture.  Note: Session is on Thursday.

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One thought on “Call for Speakers for Knowledge Management Topics at ILTA Conference

  • April 22, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Not sure that my experience fits into any of these sessions, but they all sound very interesting. Looks like I have 5 of my slots pre-defined for me.

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