Knowledge Management and Legal Marketing

On Friday, March 12 at 12:15 p.m. I’ll be speaking about Knowledge Management at the Legal Marketing  Association Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

There is a ton of buzz about this conference on Twitter (and I thought legal tech people loved Twitter).  The conference goers are using the #LMA10 hashtag on Twitter to converse.  Check it out here.

Here is the description of my session, from the conference materials:

Title: Leveraging Knowledge Management to Increase Efficiency and Improve Your Firm’s Bottom Line

Topics for this session include:

  • Best practices for completely aligning your knowledge management processes with the business processes and goals of the entire firm
  • Collaborating with marketing and business development groups to use knowledge management to impact your industry and practices teams, and clients
  • Examining ways in which knowledge management can improve profitability and impact the bottom line
  • Different technologies firms are using and how information-sharing improves internally as a result



  • Meredith Williams, Director of Knowledge Management, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz P.C.
  • Patrick V. DiDomenico, Chief Knowledge Officer, Gibbons P.C.
  • Rob Saccone, Vice President & General Manager, XMLAW
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    Knowledge Management, Technology & Social Media for Lawyers and Law Firms

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