Autonomy iManage Early Adopters (ILTA Presentation)

At the International Legal Technology Association conference in Washington D.C. I’m attending the Autonomy iManage Early Adopter session.   Among others, my colleague at Gibbons P.C., the Chief Technology Officer, Michael Aginsky, is speaking.  On a related note, Michael is starting his own personal blog, Law Firm CTO, soon.  Check it out.  And you can follow him on Twitter at @michaelaginsky.  Another note, my friend David Hobbie is sitting next to me (and typing much faster), so he probably has better coverage than mine at his Caselines blog.  Check that out, too.  Finally, please forgive any typos because I am creating this post at the conference to get it out quickly.

Here are some interesting points from the presentation:

  • Email filing is an important aspect of the new system.  How to get attorneys to file their emails in to the document management system (DMS) has been difficult.  iManage 8.5 should help to do that.
  • Budget – how to justify the cost of this type of project in this economy. For some, the cost is not too significant.  Also, the offset of eliminating a lot of paper file space makes it worth it.  The cost savings from email management issues makes the project worth  the expense.
  • Indexing the documents took much less time on 8.5 than on other systems.  The IDOL indexer is much faster than the previous Interwoven system and apparently faster than competing systems.
  • Document accessing performance: there is significant improvement in time for accessing documents.
  • Search: search results come back more quickly.   Full text searching is much better and more precise.  Some are even seeing documents that they didn’t even know they had (this can be risky – especially with documents that should be locked down).  The results are “almost instantaneous.”
  • Matter-Centric Design: firms are taking guidance from other firms that have been recognized for their MCC designs.   Minimal and simple folder structure seems to be preferable among the panelists.
  • User adoption — Buy in from the top is important, and e-discovery issues are also a driving factor.  The firms are essentially requiring that their users adopt the DMS and use it.  The project is seen as a strategic initiative, and it is therefore required by all users.
  • Deployment: most firms are deploying to small groups (sometimes admin groups) first to test it out.  Firm-wide deployment will be done later.
  • Advice: test, and don’t under estimate IDOL – it needs more attention than the predecessor – Verity; don’t under estimate hardware needs and staffing needs in terms of expertise; early adopter training was helpful, but it only scratched the surface, more training will be necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Autonomy iManage Early Adopters (ILTA Presentation)

  • August 25, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Sounds very complicated. It raises flags to me when they say that it’s going to take a lot more attention than the predecessor. Isn’t their simpler and cheaper DMS solutions out there? Yes, I still want a feature rich DMS, but can’t I get that without all devoting major attention to it?

  • August 25, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Re: 8.5 EMM – While EMM 8.5 improves on the previous version, I’m curious as to the impact on performance, and the requirements seem quite steep. Pre 8.5 the EMM performance was a dog on the local workstations, now they are moving this to the communication and exchange servers. Is this good / bad???

    Re: IDOL is very fast, but what is the hardware investment?

    Re: Search response – related to hardware?

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