An Even Better Must-Follow KM Tweeter List

David Gurteen, a definite KM must-follow tweeter, has come up with his own really nice list of must-follow tweeters.  Check out his KM Tweeters! blog post.  He merged, removed duplicates and sorted my list list of lists and turned them into links [very helpful! Why didn’t I think of that?!?] to the individual’s tweet page.  And he listed his Top Ten Tweeters, a few I hadn’t been following.  Also, he reminds us to use #KM when tweeting about knowledge management, a practice I find really helpful because it allows me to create an RSS feed of knowledge management tweets.

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One thought on “An Even Better Must-Follow KM Tweeter List

  • January 8, 2009 at 9:31 am

    I’m afraid these lists of Twitter groups are just a snapshot, a picture. If they are not being kept up-to-date, they will be perfectly useless in a few weeks/months time. Rather than relying on any individual to keep up the lists, the KM tweeters (or any other ‘group’ on twitter) would probably be better off sharing a group on LinkedIn or elsewhere they can keep their own records updated, not?

    Admittedly, this is also not easy. I have done two attempts recently at creating a KM tweeters group (on Flockup with 85 members but stalled since about 6 weeks, and more recently on Twitter Groups counting 88 and still growing). With such a group, you submit yourself rather than being elected by some authority, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

    Now, the question is, what is the future of such groups, beyond being just a listing? We could imagine an online forum, but I wonder what would be appropriate? In my opinion, it should not belong to anyone in particular, but to the #KM community…

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