The end of paper as we know it? | Legal Technology

Plastic Logic's electronic reading device is thin.

Plastic Logic's electronic reading device is thin.

Look out Kindle, there’s a new e-reader coming to town.  Check out TechnoEsq’s blog post on a new, up-and-coming electronic-reading device from Plastic Logic.  Unlike the Amazon Kindle and Sony E-Reader, the Plastic Logic device is aimed at business users.  About the size of a legal pad, this device shows some potential to catch on in law firms.  Check out a video of a demo of the device in action on TechnoEsq’s blog, as well.

Want one?  You’ll have to wait.  It’s scheduled to ship in the first half of 2009.   Cost?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Is this a giant leap toward the paperless office?  Probably not paperless, but perhaps less paper.

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One thought on “The end of paper as we know it? | Legal Technology

  • December 13, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    The Kindle 2 was delivered to me yesterday (I did not own the first Kindle– I wanted to own it but it was back ordered into next century). So, I purchased the Sony PRS-700 with the touchscreen when it debuted but I returned it (nice UI but the screen’s legibility was, unfortunately, poor). I replaced the PRS-700 with the PRS-505 and have been using that ever since (the 505 may not have the excellent UI of its successor but the screen is quite good).

    When Amazon announced the Kindle 2 I quickly jumped on the bandwagon (the wireless delivery service and Amazon’s huge selection of books along with Kindle 2’s new UI and design were the factors that drove my decision). I have not been disappointed. Out-of-the-box the Kindle 2 was a delight to use. I pushed the “on” switch and the books that I pre-ordered from Amazon began to immediately download via Whispernet–within minutes 8 books appeared on my reader’s home page. It could not have been more simple! I find navigating the device (page turns, menus, etc.) to be effortless. The clarity of the screen is just as good if not better than the Sony’s 505 (which is quite good) and the speed with which the pages turn is more than satisfactory. The Kindle 2’s built-in dictionary is definitely a plus and it’s unbelievably fast!

    As a high school teacher I’m a fan of anything or anyone that gets people reading more and the Kindle 2 certainly has demonstrated that potential. I am impressed and inspired by the many people who have written in about the original Kindle and the Kindle 2– clearly these devices have changed many people’s lives for the better and have brought them delight and satisfaction– that’s why I’m enkindled!

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