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I am excited that this Friday, LinkedIn will be adding discussion forums and related features to LinkedIn Groups.  Here is an extract from the email announcement I received: 

This Friday [8/29/08], we will be adding several much-requested features to your group:

  • Discussion forums: Simple discussion spaces for you and your members.
  • Enhanced roster: Searchable list of group members.
  • Digest emails: Daily or weekly digests of new discussion topics which your members may choose to receive. (We will be turning digests on for all current group members soon, and prompting them to set to their own preference.)
  • Group home page: A private space for your members on LinkedIn.

We’re confident that these new features will spur communication, promote collaboration, and make your group more valuable to you and your members.

Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals (KMLP) is a LinkedIn group of over 600 members.  I had been looking for relatively easy ways to foster collaboration among members of this group for quite some time.  The Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals Netvibes page is a good place to see some good legal KM blogs and, but the collaboration there has been sparse.   The Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals Facebook Group has had more success in getting discussions going.   I am hopeful that these new LinkedIn features will be a step in the right direction.  

On a related note, I encourage everyone to check out a new social news network site that, I think, shows some promise.  It is called Social Median.  I set up a network there called (you guessed it) Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals.   I like it because it aggregates relevant news and information and offers RSS delivery of the content. 

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