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RSS overload continues to plague us. To combat it, I recently eliminated some of my Google Reader feeds that I just never get to (I’m down to 141 now). Still, I have thousands of unread posts in those feeds. There’s something new from AideRSS that may help focus your feed reading on the good stuff and weed out the rest.

I’ve mentioned AideRSS before (see RSS Overload is the New Black). It’s an application that filters RSS feeds and delivers only the best ones to your RSS reader. The problem is that you have to go to the AideRSS site, create an account, enter feeds that you want filtered, and then add the new filtered feed to your reader. Not horrible, but a little cumbersome.

Now, however, AideRSS has integrated with Google Reader. This means that all you need to do is install a FireFox extension and Presto! – the AideRSS PostRank filtering system is applied to all of your RSS feeds in Google Reader. This makes the service 1,000% more valuable. For a nice detailed description of this, head over to Eric Blue’s Blog.

Of course, I can’t describe it as well as the people who made it, so here’s a video about this new Google Reader integration.

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