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Doug Beizer wrote an interesting article called, CIA first scoffs at, then embraces, collaborative technologies, in Washington Technology, about how the CIA has adopted web 2.0 / enterprise 2.0 technologies. In addition to the CIA’s wiki, called Intellipedia, its “[t]ools include intelligence blogs, Web-enabled shared drives, photos and a video service similar to YouTube.”

Beizer quotes Sean Dennehy, Inetellipedia evangelist at the CIA, who noted, “At this point, getting greater adoption is more a cultural problem than a technology problem.” This is no surprise to KM folks. Technology is about changing the way people do things. And as I wrote in Innovation is not a four-letter word, people resist change.

Stewart Mader also covered the article nicely on Grow Your Wiki in Why Does the CIA Keep Top Secret Intelligence in a Wiki? It’s worth a read.

It’s hard to believe that even the intelligence community is on the collaboration bandwagon. But, then again, maybe it’s all just a big government conspiracy.

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