Social Networks, Blogs, Privacy, Mash-Ups, Virtual Worlds and Open Source

PLI presentation:
Here’s the agenda:
Day 1
9:00 Introduction (Peter Brown, Leonard T. Nuara)
9:15 The Newest Forms of Communication: Social Networks and Blogs (E. Judson Jennings, Lori Lesser)
  • What is the business model of social networks?
  • Who are the users and what are they saying?
  • What are the critical legal issues for social networks and blogs?
  • Are blogs and social network postings covered by fair use under copyright law?

10:15 Cutting Edge Litigation Issues (Paul R. Gupta, Peter J. Pizzi)

  • Litigation in the Web 2.0 world
  • Content owners turn to litigation
  • Social networks lead to litigation
  • Virtual worlds – “real” litigation

11:30 The Maturing of the Open Source Movement (Stephen J. Davidson)

  • Business and government turn to open source
  • Understanding the new open source license – GPLv3
  • Current open source litigation

1:45 Privacy and Data Breaches (Thomas M. Laudise, Marc J. Zwillinger)

  • Complying with state notification laws, a comprehensive strategy
  • Lessons learned from data breaches big and small
  • What your IT staff and your vendors don’t want to tell you when data goes missing
  • Secondary fallout from breaches: Dealing with vendors
    and banks
  • New risks created by new technologies and Web 2.0

3:00 Developing Corporate Policies for Information Security and Privacy: The In-House Perspective (Michael F. Cronin, Lynn A. Goldstein, Tracy Pulito)

  • Panel discussion by in-house counsel
  • Defining the duties of a Chief Privacy Officer
  • Only collect what you can protect – What data are you storing and where is it kept?
  • Are data breaches inevitable? Simple ways to eliminate common causes of data breaches

4:00 Ethical Issues Arising from Virtual Worlds, Social Networks and Blogs (Justin Brookman, Sean F. Kane)

  • What can you say on a personal or law firm sponsored blog?
  • Risks in using the internet to investigate potential employees or adversaries
  • Monitoring blogs of employees
  • What real-life ethical consequences arise from “virtual” legal or business activities?

Day Two

9:00 What You Need to Know About Virtual Worlds (Peter Brown, Leonard T. Nuara)

  • The purchase and sale of virtual property
  • Advertising and promotion in virtual worlds
  • Trademark and copyright infringement in virtual worlds

10:00 Resolving Disputes in Outsourcing Transactions (Kenneth A. Adler)

  • Analyzing and identifying the critical issues
  • Negotiating new contract provisions
  • Crisis points in outsourcing contracts and how to draft meaningful protections

11:15 Employee Mobility in a High-Technology World (Victoria Cundiff, Steve Fram)

  • How to maximize protection of trade secrets when employees leave
  • How hiring companies immunize themselves from trade secret claims
  • Using technology to protect trade secrets and detect misuse
  • Protecting trade secrets in a virtual workplace
  • Choice of law issues in a mobile environment

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