A Business Case for Enterprise Search

On February 12, 2008, KMWorld and Vivisimo presented a webcast called Making and Airtight Business Case for Enterprise Search.  The speakers were Jim Murphy of AMR Research and Rebecca Thompson of Vivisimo. 

Murphy discussed: redefining enterprise search, business case challenges, aligning enterprise search with business priorities, and choosing the best approach.  

Not just search, but NSR (navigation, search, and retrieval): Focusing not only on search, Murphy discussed the importance of navigation and how it is used hand in hand with search.  He also cited the importance of the ability of systems to crawl various sources of information and extract it. 

From a business case perspective, both process efficiency and customer loyalty / satisfaction were important to the respondents of his research.  The important business issues within the enterprise were customer service and support, and worker productivity. 

Thompson, of Vivisimo, discussed some case studies in the manufacturing and pharmacuetical industries and for government. 

She focused on increasing employee efficiency through search, enabling collaboration among workers, and giving employees access to the information they need (but don’t necessarily realize that they need). 

Thompson described how Vivisimo’s system can search across all types of data sources, like document management systems, portals (including SharePoint), image documents, file shares and servers, intranets and internet sites.  One of the case studies saw an daily increase in searches from 15 to 2,000.  

There was nice screenshot that showed Vivisimo’s signature clustered results, and a tabbed result list, which gives the user the option to display all results, or grouped results (by people, intranet, internet, the DMS, SharePoint, and the network). 

Finally, there was a discussion of the www.USA.gov website, which is powered by Vivisimo.  The site has noted a decrease in citizen support phone calls. 

The demo will be archived at KMWorld for 90 days.  Check it out here

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