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In “Can you Digg It?…” We asked (but nobody answered) whether social bookmarking is right for law firms. We also wondered whether it was worth the investment. Well, the good people over at

Connectbeam Logo Connectbeam are of the opinion that it is. They even went so far as to create an enterprise social bookmarking and tagging system that does the trick.

As they state in their nice online screencast demo, “time to action is fundamental.” The whole idea behind enterprise social bookmarking is to get to information quickly so people can act and get their jobs done.

Connectbeam creates an environment where members of a company can “tag” content (like websites). Those content items can also be grouped into topics.

Users can also search for keyword and get a list of all of the content items that are tagged to the keyword. In addition, the same search lists related tags (i.e. other tags that users have used for content related to the keyword) and related users (i.e. users who also have tagged content related to the keyword). This has an expertise location function. Clicking on a related user shows their bio, contact information, displays their “tag cloud” (i.e. the terms that they have used to tag other items), and the topics that they have chosen to share within the company. Tags in the tag cloud are of various font sizes. A larger font indicates that more items are tagged with that term. Tag cuds are used in many public social bookmarking applications, like Delicious and photo sharing sites, like Flickr

Users can create private topics, group topics, and company topics. So, a key member of the firm’s antitrust practice group might locate and tag a website that provides good antitrust resources. She can save it as group topic. Others can search for it, or simply see what things she has tagged.

We still wonder if lawyers will take the time to tag stuff.

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One thought on “Social Bookmarking for the Law Firm | Knowledge Management

  • August 15, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you for your coverage of Connectbeam. The Connectbeam product suite ships as an appliance for installation behind the firms firewall. Different from products such as, Connectbeam has three layers of security, making it a perfect product from an ethical wall perspective for legal firms.

    At this point, we do not have any law firms as customers, but we would provide the appliance at no-charge to a law firm in order to prove out our product in legal. My email is I run the sales department here. Thanks again!

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