RSS Battle – KnowNow vs. NewsGator

KnowNow yesterday announced KnowNow Live, “a new application designed to overcome information overload.”  It is hard to see the image on KnowNow’s beta application page for its new product, but it appears to be a portal-like RSS aggregator.  It is described as follows:

“KnowNow Live … pushes relevant information to users by providing inference and relevance through contextualization.  Additionally, KnowNow Live simplifies the management of large quantities of information, adds alerts to any content source, and provides collaborative functionality to every channel.” 

Sounds pretty “jargony,” but piques our interest. 

Among law firms, KnowNow lags behind NewsGator in numbers of customers, but KnowNow Live may help level the playing field.  And while KnowNow apparently focuses on Fortune 1000 financial services, technology, and media industries, it shouldn’t ignore law firms.  We have a lot of knowledge to manage. 

For personal RSS aggregation, we still like Google Reader (you can even read feeds offline), but for the enterprise, something more is needed.  Lawyers want to have all of the right information at the right time, but they rarely want to bother with figuring out how to get it.  For now, a managed RSS solution, maintained by a knowledge management staff is the way to go for law firms.  The technology is still young, so we’re hopeful that it will develop and be all that it can be.  Perhaps KnowNow Live is the next step in RSS evolution.  All you beta testers: please share your thoughts and experiences.  

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