Knowledge Management For Lawyers — Book Released on Amazon

km book with amazon buttonI am excited to report that my book, Knowledge Management for Lawyers is now available on Published in 2015, it took a few months to get it listed at Amazon, but the wait is over. This will be especially helpful for those who were interested in buying a copy, but held out because of the high shipping costs on the official ABA site.

And from the inside book flaps…

Praise for Knowledge Management for Lawyers

“Are you a KM evangelist? Patrick DiDomenico’s book Knowledge Management for Lawyers will turn you into one. An easy-to-read, well-organized handbook that should be compulsory reading for any lawyer, it captures the reader’s Read more

Three Tips For a More Focused and Productive Meeting

Everybody seems to hate meetings. We all complain about them. We’re too busy with real work to waste time sitting around, just talking.

Well, I recently had a very good, focused, and productive planning meeting with my key managers. There were many reasons it was good, but three things really helped ensure success.

First, I asked each participant a series of questions several days ahead of time and–this is important–asked them to really think about their answers.  Thinking and writing help to clarify communication of ideas.

One of the most helpful questions was: “What is at least one thing we do that we shouldn’t be doing?” This prompted some good discussion. As business strategist Michael Porter has noted, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Second, I made everyone silence their mobile devices, collected them, and put them in a pile far away from the meeting table. For those who were taking notes on a laptop computer, I made them close Outlook (email) and Lync (messenger software).

Eliminating these tempting distractions was the key to enabling everyone in the room to truly focus 100% of their attention on the topics at hand. I saw a huge improvement in everyone’s attention level (including mine) during the meeting. The conversations were engaging, thoughtful, and productive.

Third, we took frequent breaks. Over about five hours, we took no fewer than three 20 minute breaks and a lunch break. It may seem counter intuitive because we spent more than 20% of our scheduled meeting time not meeting, but those breaks improved our attention, spirits, energy levels, and our ability to focus.  Not convinced? Look at this well-known study of an Israeli Parole Board, which shows that decision making is improved after breaks during long meetings.

If you and your team suffer through unproductive, unfocused meetings, try these three simple tactics. They are sure to help.

Technology Gadgets for Lawyers 1-10

I had the great pleasure of hosting a presentation called Tech Gadgets: Those You Need, Those You Want and Those That Make You Wonder at the 2015 ILTA Conference in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun to research and review dozens of tech gadgets. And even better, I crowd-sourced the job and asked my fellow ILTA members to send me their recommendations for gadgets to include.  Below are the first 10 gadgets we reviewed in the session. Look for the rest of the gadgets in future posts. Read more

Upcoming Presentation: Building Cross-Departmental Collaboration for Effective Law Firm Knowledge Management

I’m really excited to head back to Sydney, Australia to participate in Ark Group’s Knowledge Management and Innovation 2015 Conference on November 24-25, 2015 at Rydges Sydney Central.

I’ll have the pleasure of speaking on both days of the conference.  On day one, I’ll be presenting a short session on KM and technology called “Working Backwards to the Technology.”  The session will focus on how user experience design enhances the delivery of professional services.

Read more

What the Amazon Echo Taught Me About Knowledge Management (Hint: UX)

amazon-echo featured

Update June 23, 2015: Amazon Echo is now available to everyone (you no longer need to be invited). Get it here.

Have you met Alexa? She is the voice of Amazon’s new artificially-intelligent device that listens to you and answers your questions. And with the latest software upgrade, it (she?) has entered the home automation arena and can perform some tasks around the house.

If you are still trying to wrap your head around this, think of Echo as Apple’s Siri technology inside a black cylinder about nine inches high and three inches in diameter, with a blue-green LED circle around the top rim. Unlike Siri (designed to be mobile on Apple’s iPhone and iPad), Echo plugs into an electrical outlet, connects to your WiFi network, and Read more

KM Webinar: ILTA Conference Encore: The Knowledge Management Sessions

ILTA Conference Encore: The Knowledge Management Sessions

Join ILTA for this Webinar on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. GMT / 12:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. CDT / 10:00 a.m. MDT / 9:00 a.m. PDT.

REGISTER online here.

If you missed any of the knowledge management track sessions at the ILTA Conference — or if you just want a reminder of the great stuff you saw — join session speakers from each of the six KM sessions as they boil down their presentations into 10-minute snippets. This will be a fast-paced, intense review of the excellent KM content from the conference. We’ll review the following sessions: Read more

ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium 2014 is set for June 10th – 11th near Chicago

ILTA’s SharePoint Symposium 2014, set for June 10th– 11th near Chicago, is designed to bring together professionals working with SharePoint in their firms or law departments.  The format of the two-day event includes a SharePoint evangelist keynote, two tracks with expert speakers and ILTA case studies as well as opportunities to network with ILTA members and key SharePoint vendors.

I’ve been involved with helping produce the event for a couple of years now, and I can tell you that it is an excellent place to hear about fresh, innovative ideas about all things SharePoint in the legal industry.

Visit the event website at for all the details, and let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I hope to see you at the event!

Law Firm RFP Questions About Knowledge Management – Crowd Sourcing Comments for My KM Book

Readers of the blog know that for the past few weeks, I have been crowd sourcing comments for my KM book that will be published by the ABA in early 2014.  Thanks to all who have commented here and sent me emails with other comments.   Today, I’d like to ask about questions you are seeing in Requests for Proposals (RFPs).  More below image…

skills abilities knowledge smaller letter game Depositphotos_5530365_original

As any rainmaking lawyer or law firm business development professional knows, Read more

The Future of Knowledge Management – Crowd Sourcing Comments for My KM Book

Readers of the blog know that for the past few weeks, I have been crowd sourcing comments for my KM book that will be published by the ABA in early 2014.  Thanks to all who have commented here and sent me emails with other comments.

Future hand curtain depositphotos crop

Last week we talked about disappointment and failure.  This week, a more rosy topic: the future of KM. Read more