Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) Conference – NYC September 13

I am looking forward to attending the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) conference in NYC on September 13, 2018.

Here are the details – copied from David Cowen’s LinkedIn post.

If you are tired of the big box conferences and typical hour-long conference sessions, then The Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) is the event for you. SOLID East in NYC on September 13th is designed by innovators, for innovators and brings together the hottest legal entrepreneurs in the country.

This isn’t your ordinary conference. 14 speakers will deliver 7 minute TED Talks around the intersection of innovation, advanced technology and the business of law. These impressive thought-leaders will share what they are doing, how they are doing it, and the proven business impact.

SOLID talks are interspersed with table talk discussions, sprint panels and town halls, where our audience engages in interactive discussions. Check out some of our hashtag#SOLID18 speakers below, and be sure to register today! www.SOLID.Legal

Formation of a Knowledge Management Department in a Law Firm

The following extract of my article (for Ark Group’s publication – The Evolution of the Law Firm Library Function: Transformation and integration into the business of law) was published on July 24, 2018 by Daniel Smallwood on LinkedIn.  

It supplies an exclusive insight into the absorption of my firm’s library functions into the knowledge management department, addressing the impetus for the change, its execution, what went well, and what went wrong. 

As Daniel notes in his post,  I will also be co-chairing, with Joshua Fireman, Ark Group’s 14th annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference taking place October 23rd & 24th in New York. Read more

Patrick DiDomenico Ensures Knowledge is Shared Among Attorneys

The following is an excerpt from an article in Profile Magazine.

Patrick DiDomenico is ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. While the renowned labor and employment law firm has grown to nearly nine hundred attorneys throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Mexico, the chief knowledge officer is ensuring the firm’s innovative resources are accessible to all. In doing so, DiDomenico is exposing the crucial function of a role often missing from leadership circles.  Read the rest of the article here…

Call for Speakers and Ideas: Ark KM Conference – Oct 2018

Ark Group’s 14th annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference will take place in New York City this coming October 23-24, 2018 (at New York Law School). If you are interested in sharing how you and/or your firm has addressed or solved a particular problem or set of challenges in the realm of Legal Knowledge Management, we’d love to consider you for a speaking engagement!

This is your opportunity to share innovative ideas Read more

The Future of Knowledge Management: Collaboration and Interaction – Law Schools Promoting KM

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 11 of my book, Knowledge Management for Lawyers, called “The Future of Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession.”

11.2 Collaboration and Interaction.

It is difficult to talk about the future without talking about technology. But the future of KM is not just dependent on advances in technology, although such advances will certainly play a significant role. There is an underlying factor that I believe is equally—and perhaps more—important. That is the nature of how people interact and work. With the popularity and proliferation of social media and social networking, we are seeing a change in the way people interact and behave. People are becoming more collaborative and willing to share. People are more forthcoming with information that, in a bygone era, was once considered better kept confidential. Helping others and sharing information is becoming the new default behavior. This new mindset, characterized by collaborating, cooperating, and sharing information and ideas, is the breeding ground on which knowledge management thrives and grows. This cultural shift, on a societal scale, is a factor that will predispose younger generations (some of whom are already law students and in the workforce) to embrace knowledge management.

There is also an indication of the mindset change in the way we are training our future lawyers. Several law schools have programs that stress the importance of innovation and try to prepare our future lawyers for a different kind of legal industry:

Read more

What is a Knowledge Management Network?

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book, Knowledge Management for Lawyers.

network km for lawyers depositphotos

Members of what I like to call a Knowledge Management Network are not really members of the KM department. Rather, they are like KM liaisons—employees of the firm, outside of the KM department, who act as champions and help promote and facilitate all aspects of KM throughout the organization. In some ways, the KM Network is like an auxiliary police force—members of the community who you can count on to help out with the work of the main force. They are not fully trained, or experts, but they are well-versed enough to help the rest of the community with knowledge management efforts.

A KM Network is more appropriate for larger law firms or law departments, especially those that have multiple offices,or many practice groups. KM Network members can be instrumental in directing colleagues to KM tools and resources. For example, it is common in larger, multioffice firms for lawyers to e-mail members of particular offices asking for assistance with finding resources related to that jurisdiction. Attorneys making such requests often fail to include the KM staff on the e-mails. A local KM Network member in the office (who is on the local e-mail distribution list) can step in to remind the requestor of various resources (e.g., search tools, document collections, databases, etc.) or people (e.g., subject area experts, PSLs) who can assist with the request. Thus, a primary goal of establishing a KM Network is to help keep KM principles, tools, resources, and people in mind when the members of the KM department are not aware of the need. In addition, KM Network members can report back to the KM department if they see the need for training or KM promotion. They expand the reach
of the KM department and assist by keeping their eyes out for opportunities to advance the organization’s KM efforts.

It should be noted that the formation of a KM Network should not obviate efforts to spread KM ideas and principles across all members of your organization. Remember that a fully mature KM organization is one in which all employees understand and value knowledge management.

Does your firm have a KM Network?

Amazon Kindle Version Released: Knowledge Management for Lawyers

km book with amazon buttonI’m happy to report that my book, Knowledge Management for Lawyers was just released on the Amazon Kindle Platform!

Published in 2015, it took a few months to get it listed at Amazon and a few more for the Kindle version, but the wait is over. This will be especially helpful for those who were interested in buying a copy, but held out because, like me, you’ve gone paperless.

And from the inside [virtual] book flaps…

Praise for Knowledge Management for Lawyers

“Are you a KM evangelist? Patrick DiDomenico’s book Knowledge Management for Lawyers will turn you into one. An easy-to-read, well-organized handbook that should be compulsory reading for any lawyer, it captures the reader’s Read more

Three Tips For a More Focused and Productive Meeting

Everybody seems to hate meetings. We all complain about them. We’re too busy with real work to waste time sitting around, just talking.

Well, I recently had a very good, focused, and productive planning meeting with my key managers. There were many reasons it was good, but three things really helped ensure success.

First, I asked each participant a series of questions several days ahead of time and–this is important– Read more